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Trying to win money betting on horses is one of the most difficult challenges in the world of intellectual sports. If you've been trying to handicap the races and make a profit you probably have already figured that out. When you go to the races or OTB parlor and look at the competition, i.e., the other people who bet on the races, 우리카지노 you probably wonder how it can be so difficult. You hear them spouting misinformation and watch them making the craziest bets, and yet, you still can't seem to bet them.
First of all, while there are people who bet on the races who really don't seem to have a clue, rest assured that there are many people who do have a clue and inside information as well. There are also some very sharp cookies who handicap and bet on horse races. Those are the people who win and they also usually keep a low profile. The blowhards who announce their losses and show their ignorance are the horse players who call attention to themselves while successful players seldom do that.
Some of the things that the losers loudly proclaim may make you wonder how they are let out each morning without a keeper. On the other hand, it's possible that you are making a mistake or two based on bad information or common misinformation and those mistakes are making life harder for you. Thinking that if you win enough bets it will cover sloppy money management is the most common mistake I've found among horse players.
Here are a few common mistakes that horse players make...
Money management is always at the top of the list and rightfully so. After all, no matter how well you handicap, if you don't manage your funds properly you're going to lose in the long run. What is proper money management? Here are a few rules or guidelines...
1. Never gamble with money that you can't afford to lose. That may seem a little vague, after all, you can afford to lose your savings if you still have a roof over your head and food to eat, right? Not exactly.
The definition may be different for each individual, but I think that anything that changes the quality of your life is too much to lose unless you have your heart set on being a professional horse player. How is the quality of your life changed by losing your savings or retirement fund? Probably quite a bit, right?
So let's say that if you're serious about making money betting on horses you should consider it a business venture and anything you invest is considered start up capital. If you look at it that way you'll probably think long and hard before investing very much. If you do decide to invest the money however, here is how you should allot it...
2. Write down a plan that includes how much money you have in your bankroll and how much you'll risk each day based on the changes to that bankroll. For instance, if you have $10,000 in your bankroll and you invest 2% per day on bets you'll be spending no more than $200 a day.
3. Included in your plan write down what you'll do when you win and when you'll quit playing. This, believe it or not is one of the biggest mistakes many gamblers make. They plan for failure but not success, in fact many don't even know what success really looks like. How much is enough?
While many people who go to a casino or race track are ahead at some point during their day most go home losers. Why? Because they don't quit when they reach a certain point. They keep playing until they lose. Sometimes emotions have a lot to do with this and you should think about this and make some decisions based on the size of your bets and your own ability to handicap and win. Write down how much you're going to bet during the day and also write down a loss limit and a win limit. Stick to both of them and you'll avoid one of the biggest mistakes that horse players make.


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